POLL What should I treat my friend to tonight

I realized I have more money than I thought I did and hes dead broke. He’s SZA but got his disability taken away. He already owes me $100 but I told him he doesn’t have to pay me. Yeah he’s foolish with his money, but I really wanna go bowling or see the movie “It”

So what should we do??

Bowling is more expensive but probably more fun for me, unless the movie is amazing, so you tell me

  • go bowl 2 games!!!
  • go see Stephen king’s it!!!

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I heard that IT is great.
Or do the both lol :smile:

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i only bowled once in my life and it was more fun than i thought it was gonna be. maymbe because it was a date…but I’m not really into clown horror films. I am not scared of clowns at all…ive seen bits of the original but its up to you.

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I voted for bowling because I didn’t like the previews of “It”.

But bowling is a nice activity. You can have a lot of fun with your friends and chat with them during all the activity while with movie, you can’t chat with your friends.

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Bowling it is!!!

We will see a matinee of IT in a couple days and it will be cheaper and he will pay.

I replied go bowling because you said it would be more fun for you. For me, horror movies are a no-go because I get nightmares. Also, bowling is more social. You get to enjoy eachother’s company more.

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Yeah it will be fun and we can take our time and see all kinds of “bowling” people. I do love horror movies and I have ultra respect for Stephen King as a writer. But we’ll do the bowling :wink: Cant wait he just called me hes on his way back driving and were gonna go once he gets home

aight jon HF~

we went bowling and I barely got 100 in the first game and got like an 85 in the next game. I was terrible. but my friend was worse and I won lol. it was only $18

then we went for dinner at bass master world or something and it was really good burgers

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I am really bad at bowling!!! :open_mouth: You can’t be as bad as me!