Poll: what role does music play in your life?

  • Music is my life
  • I listen occasionally but wouldn’t say I’m really into it
  • I listen a lot but it’s not my life
  • I don’t listen to music very often

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Music is the only time I feel true happiness and emotion; The only time I feel sentient and human

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Music is a wonderful consolation for me.

Music made me who I became as a person. Music influenced me more than it probably did most people. I am a musician though I go years without playing. Hell I went years after my ipod broke without listening to anything at all, not even on the radio in the car and I was playing in a band half the time.

I lost a crate of cd’s that just went missing from my parents basement, I don’t know, one of my sisters yardsales probably went the way of all the books I amassed. I have some but most are scratched. Lost my entire playlist when my computer literally melted. It was sitting next to an old steam heater that had never come on until one day it just kind of did and was so hot it melted me laptop, pile of melted plastic and components. Only time it ever came on other than this you had to either wear a blanket or go in the bathroom to get warm in the winter.

I listen to music on youtube theseday’s mostly, look up a song, listen to it, pick something from the list that comes up and listen to that. I was a bit of a Sublime kid and that influenced me, or my girlfriend was and I was just kind of one by association, no I liked them I was a fan. Ska, the alt rock of my youth, all the good underground 80’s stuff like violent femmes and Pixies. Indie like modest mouse or whatever, I love that one album by the king’s of Leon with the busted lightbulb. Singer song writer stuff like Ray Lamontagne or Jack Johnson. I learned to play drums to old Greenday and 311.

But no, actually I’m really honestly not much of a music person compared to others I’ve known as I’ve grown older. I feel like what I listen to can be limitted, narrow and repetitive and is often for sentimental purposes.

i like putting one of my special records on :slight_smile:

I love music, it’s my life!

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Music is so therapeutic for me. When I was on abilify I couldn’t enjoy music one bit. And I need music to get me through. When people ask me my favourite type of music I tell them I like all music. From rock, rap, classical, pop, jazz, blues and R&B etc…etc. now I’m back on resperidone consta and I got my music back. I hate resperidone side effects, but at least resperidone I can love my music and have sex.

Wierd, I was on abilify when I stopped listening to music. I actually went a few years without listening to much of anything at all.

I know, abilify is the most boring piece is sh##. Now I’m back listening to my music again, it’s like being reborn lol

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