Poll: What % of your days are good days?

  • Less than 50% are good days :frowning:
  • 50% are good days
  • More than 50% are good days :slight_smile:

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I’d say I’m at 50%. But the good day/bad day shuffle is wearing me down. I’m sick of it. I’m just wondering what everybody else’s profile is.

I don’t know what you mean by good days.
Most of my days are uneventful and Blah…
Neither good or bad.

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By bad days I mean are you being hit by the disease in a way that hurts you mentally.

Blah / uneventful days sound like good days to me ! But it’s subjective at the end of the day.

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for the past two months my days have been shitty.

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Then in that case, I voted 50 percent good days.

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my days are good. sometime I drink too much coffee and I trigger voices. not sure if it’s the coffee or just breakthrough symptoms. the Invega has rid me of all my positives so it’s uneventful here 90% of the time. I get a little bored, I’ve been looking for work the past month. I don’t really like working but I need the money. once I start working I anticipate my days will go by faster, this summer has been so long for me

…so yeah life is good most of the time.

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All of my days start as good days. But I head south starting in early afternoon. This started when I started taking geodon.

My life is bearable and I like it.

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