Poll: What is your racial makeup?

  • White
  • African American or African Descent
  • Latino
  • Asian
  • Native American
  • Mixed Race

asian aryan.
poll not working…???

Sorry poll not working. Trying to get an idea of the racial makeup of SZ’s based on who visits this site

I’m African American

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I’m not sure of what you want. Are you hoping that if you get the racial make-up of people on this site, than you will be able to figure out the racial make-up percentage of people with schizophrenia around the world? Because I can answer that. Schizophrenia strikes the same percentage of people around the world regardless of racial or ethnic background. Except for a few isolated places around the world, the rate of schizophrenia in populations around the world is about 1 percent. Schizophrenia is found in any race, if you’re thinking that one race has more rates of schizophrenia than others, you will find that is not true.


I’m Indian. Not American Indian. A lot of nations came into India over the years and I know the original Indians were dark skinned so I’m guessing I have a mix of different ethnicities in my blood but I’m not sure which ones.

Asian,Chinese char 15

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these are American categories of “race” which are not real based on 19th century pseudoscience. In fact race questions are scary.


Technically, all of those listed apply to me.

Anyone that believes they are a pure race has never done their Genealogy.

My great grandmother on father’s side was Jewish in Poland. My great great grandparents and forth are border jumpers between Russia, Finland and Sweden. I now live in Sweden. Born in Finland. I’m pink like a pig in summer. I’m a mix of Europe.

Caucasion and American Indian.

My mother is irish and father is english

My mum is jewish, my dad is russian. I’m white, of course.

We have ancestors from all over… so I consider myself mixed.

But the main one’s that stick out… Mexican and Scottish

Caucasian, half Scotts-Irish

I’m white - mix of Dutch, German and French, but mostly Dutch. My father was born in the Netherlands. Some people may be confused by this, as my name is Saadiqah. Someone thought I was Indian because of my name, but I am pure European descent converted to Islam hence my strange name. :blush:

@Nick77. According to the National Alliance for Mental Health African Americans or Black people in the U.S. are more than 3 times more likely than the average to be diagnosed with Schizophrenia. That number is startling because i don’t see that segment represented on this site so that is why i asked. More importantly it could mean fewer African Americans are receiving support for this illness.


I am pure Finn, all my ancestry since the beginning of the 18th century have been born in the same area.

I’m Syrian and Irish. Not sure what I would check on your poll since Middle Eastern was considered its own race until 2007 in America.

All caucasian. Northern european.