Poll what best describes where you live?

Sort of Urban. I have the beach on my doorstep - and if you go a mile north, you got all the farmland where all the polish migrants work, doing the mushrooms or tomatoes.

Fairly large sized town, where im 5 minutes away from the doctors, chemist and 3 supermarkets.

Its more of a second-rate rundown tourist town.

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Whoops I voted rural. I thought it said what place you best live in. I actually live in a suburban area now.

Most unfortunately, I now live in South Florida. All the housing here is a gated community with some fancy name, and all the houses inside look alike. I feel like I live in a village of townhomes, and the Spinal Tap gnomes should be dancing around in front of my house.

Totally suburban. Strip malls and Targets and grocery stores, etc.

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Suburban but not a lot of strip malls.
Lots of houses and Mom and Pop shops.

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I checked urban, but like, Victoria is a very walkable city. I’m technically in the suburbs but I can be downtown in about 90 minutes on foot and there’s a bus stop literally across the street from my house


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