Poll what best describes where you live?


  • Rural - open spaces lots of nature
  • Urban - dense and lots of buildings
  • Suburban - strip malls and lots of houses

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I live in the city center of a medium sized city in Belgium. But I like walks in nature. It’s practical to have everything within walking distance.

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I wish I could have a tiny home in New Mexico or Colorado with beautiful mountains far from the city but driving distant to a small town to get groceries.

I’m just around lots of cars highways and houses and strip malls. It’s all the same mile after mile. It’s so manufactured.

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I live right in the middle of a little town of 300 lost souls. Lots of methamphetamine.


I live in Queensland’s capital - Brisbane. In the suburbs. It is a nice place to live.

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@Sezbot241 so your right outside a big city?

Pretty well much yeah.

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@crimby yeah I lived in St. Louis for a while and when traveling to neighboring rural cities, meth was a big problem. But their were also quaint small towns.

@Jonathan2 I really think cities of all sizes in Europe are beautiful. Not sure if you guys categorize cities the same as we do in the US

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Medium sized in Belgium means in this case 100,000 inhabitants and 50,000 university students. I guess medium sized in the States would probably be bigger.

Here’s a picture:


Wow that’s beautiful. Yeah that would be considered a small city.

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I live near the center of a medium size city, Wilmington Delaware USA. Urban for sure, crack crystal fentanyl everything else everywhere, lots of guns shootings, where I live relatively safe. Drug dealers at each end of the block. Don’t get it twisted, it’s not Beirut, but not good. But my apartment is nice, subsidized rent inc utilities, nice neighbors, so life is ok, everybody leaves me alone so that’s good too.

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I live in the second largest “city” in Alaska, but it’s still got only about 30,000 people. It’s more like a small town and only takes a 5 minute drive to leave it behind and become surrounded by nature. I used to live in Florida and everything was crowded and scrunched together, a very claustrophobic existence, and there always seemed to be too many people.

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i live in apartment . Houses around on every block are equally spaced. Good location near necessities.

It’s kind of mushy and light grey. It’s kind of dark in here and the walls are hard as rock and kind of rounded.

I live in a suburb that’s part of the metropolitan area of a big city.

I live in a suburban area within a moderately large, (one million pop.), Midwestern city in the US.

Suburbia outside of the city.

Large town so cross of suburban and rural. It is the armpit of Canada.

I live on the cusp of urban and suburban lol. But only 3 miles west of the heart of downtown.