Poll: What are your most frequent Audio Hallucinations

  • Insults
  • Persecution
  • Screaming
  • Sirens
  • Military or Law Enforcement
  • Family, Friends, or Community
  • God
  • Aliens

I only have audio hallucinations when I’m in a manic episode, but the most common auditory hallucination for me while manic is music. I stayed up days once due to the fact that I couldn’t fall asleep due to the blasting loud classical music that I imagined.

I think mine are an “echo?” effect from listening to the police scanner 24/7. When I finally stopped listening to it, it didn’t stop. I could still hear them talking as if it were still attatched to my hip.

Two of my three voices were believed to be government agents when they came into existence. The other one is 17 year old me. The other voices are real people saying things that fit into the Truman show delusion. I mean I will be having a conversation and suddenly someone will say something way out of place and it seems perfectly real.

Currently mine are just advisors. They call themselves the collective. - they chime in when I’m really stressed usually.

Before it was , god , Jesus, Satan, deceased grandparents, Einstein, aliens

When I was younger… I was sure it was some form of God or spirit… and I was sure I was developing sonic hearing and it was the neighbors and what they really thought of me.

Lately it’s all been mellow… just commentary on my actions and nonsense chatter.

It’s hard to answer. I hear insults, screaming and mumble, whispers and sometimes my aunt.

The level of audio momentarily increases , its as if someone muffled a speaker , then unmufled it. For a slit second.

I’m the only one that hallucinates music?

No, your not. Just not on the poll.

I would say insults is the most common, also shouting/screaming and laughing.

@koolbreeze72 no i am that lucky i mostly facing negative symptoms of schizophrenia life is so terrible with it…thanks…

Door bells, Door Knocking, Police Sirens, Someone Whistling, Whispers etc…

Had most of my Auditory Hallucinations while I was taking Abilify - this is telling me that the medication either caused the Hallucinations or the Abilify was not working for me, so I Hallucinated

Mostly insults for me, I do hear beeping sounds from time to time, and random noise like being in a crowded bar and there’s dozens of conversations going on at the same time. I hear a couple of bangs here and there as well, like someone dropping something or something similar to that. But for the most part its insults.

People screaming and yelling, young people crying, doors opening and closing, sirens, law enforcement, community, family and aliens

My voices sing about the things I do. It’s kind of like having my own personal soundtrack!

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My son won’t tell me what he hears. He mentioned early on clicking sounds … but I’m pretty sure its also voices. Is this part of the illness, not wanting to share the symptoms? Its tough because I want to help and the therapist has not shared anything either.

i talk to myself, could be god but i see it as myself not god. and its a good influence in my life, helps me make the right decisions and do and say the right things, its pretty cool, but i’m on meds so i guess that doesnt count does it?

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It can be part of the illness. The voices tell me to shut up. I’m not supposed to talk about them. I don’t talk about my paranoia either.

First rule of voices
You don’t talk about them…
Second rule of voices
You don’t talk about them…


Many many years ago I had voices 24/7.
It felt overwhelmingly horrid like pshycological and spiritual torture.
It felt agonising and I heard the most hurtful awful words said to me.
And had difficulty sleeping.

Also had “paranoid” thoughts and beliefs but many which are/were real.

Then recovered n had several years without medication n with our voices etc

Then 1,5 years ago I was hospitalised again not due to voices this time but feeling overwhelmed, not coping,beliefs,thoughts etc

Then I was medicated again olanzapine.
Gained 20 kg.

Been off medication about 3 weeks now.
Had very intense feelings ,beliefs,emotions etc
Also these weeks experienced some what abuse by someone possessing my body n saying hateful nasty things to trash me,put me down,ridicule etc

I have been seriously concerned at times about getting mixed up in sm I’m not consenting to…
Such as someone might get aroused by trashing n ridiculing etc someone as ugly,worthless,fat,disgusting,non educated,retarded etc and disabling this person.

It’s true some people do get aroused by this including some drs ,etc

I do not want to be abused n treated bad.
I want to be treated beautifully n with love.
Yes I try keep an open mind but I’m not ok with being abused in such ways
I had “family” do wierd sm on me spiritually n pshycological etc but I do not somehow believe these people are my real family.

I was as I remember molested as a baby n as a child which no one believed because it did not happen to other people could of happened to and because it happened again when I was a teenager n possessed n could not move.
People who knew it happened when I was young child looked other way n was educated intelligent people.

Also some pedophilia thing I’m concerned about also like a constant crying child needing constant comfort 24/7
Aswell as a masculine hateful angry abusive energy that’s been coming lately.

several other things.

I believe I have aspergers but was diagnosed with post traumatic stress ,schizophrenia and aspergers.