Poll: Test to see if certain selections work or cancel

  • number one
  • number two
  • number three
  • number four

In case some are still trying to learn how to do this.
The first part is writing Poll: then whatever your question as the topic
In the body you need to make sure the software recognizes it as a list so put - before each entry/choice and in the preview pane you will see it put a bullet in place of the -
I’m guessing anything written without the - will be treated as normal text.

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I don’t understand all of this.

I couldn’t cancel my vote altogether - just when I changed to another selection.

Correct. 20 characters

I really wanted 5 though.

Woops, i clicked close poll and it locked…did it lock for anyone else too? I can re open it if so…that’s is strange… unless it just locked for me.

Chill, it works my end.