Poll : symptoms worsening due to lockdown

Do you have noticed that lockdown had worsen your symptoms : anxiety, voices, hallucinations & others…

  • YES
  • NO

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Mine have gotten significantly better. It’s a combination of my meds being increased and maxed out and the fact that everyone is home and the house isn’t dead quiet. My hallucinations and delusions are always a lot worse when it is absolutely silent. I’ve also managed to keep myself busier than usual since the lockdown, which helps quite a bit too. I went from being consumed by the voices to not even noticing them 99% of the time. I only hear them when I’m trying to fall asleep very softly and this morning when I woke up, I woke up to their BS…but was able to quickly shift my focus to other things and get over it, and not let myself get sucked into the madness.


To be honest the rest of the people usually doing stuff are now feeling how I do in my isolated existence.

Very little has changed for me. I am just keeping social distancing and shopping in smaller stores to get essentials

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I think people who live alone probably experience an increase in symptoms more than people who have roommates or families.


I’ve been more stressed so my voices have been worse. Been argumentative but since apologizing things have been better

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I’m starting to cope with alone-ness. It was hard in the beginning. I was getting bouts of anxiety.

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I’m enjoying quarantine
Hanging around with family I’m getting on better with them albeit not perfectly.

Also I like it that I’m not the only home body in town its kind of comforting haha

unshare ability, fear of food loss, lack of space in rooms to do things , feeling of …….bull sh I t ……

Well, I got my food, tv, movies, beer n vodka, a beautiful woman to chat with
I feel better than if I had gone to PSR

I’m holding up quite nicely it’s like a vacation :yum::yum::yum:


Like a Vacation From a Vacation (???)… . … :100:

Feel like I’ve been practicing this quarantine my entire life… probably the closest to normal I’ll ever get.

I’m doing about the same.

I’ve actually noticed that it’s much more quiet at night. Minimal voices. Even after I weaned myself off the Seroquel. Still taking Fanapt.

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