Poll: Success with Psychotherapeutic Counseling

Congrats to Anna on her recent poll. I found it inspiring and thought I would try one myself.

With which of the following modes of psychotherapy have you had the most success?

  • With a licensed psychotherapist
  • In group therapy
  • Doing self-psychotherapy

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(Hey! The poll thing really works! Yay Anna, thanks for your poll.! Yay me, mine worked too!)


I’m not in therapy right now, but I think I should be. I’m going to talk to Dad about it tomorrow, because I have been having a hard time.

I’m glad to hear that you’re interested in doing therapy. If you have time, read about the various approaches and how they work. As my poll suggests, all types of therapy can be extremely beneficial. There is much that a therapist can do, much good can come from group work, and certainly, self-therapy is amazing stuff. Message me privately and let me know how things are going if that would help.

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