Poll: So can you tell a lot from people's eyes or not?

  • Yes
  • No

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It depends on the person. If I know them well, I can read their expressions easily. I can’t really tell what strangers are thinking unless I try a lot.

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My sociopathdar is strong…I can almost tell instantly and sometimes just looking at their eyes…but that’s the extent to my super powers…


What’s up with the look in there eye’s when they find out your sz. That’s a weird look.

Yes, part of the problem with chat and forums is you can’t read the person’s body language, which can make the text a little more blunt or cold

I said no because I’m often wrong about my impressions of what a person is like and what they mean… It’s difficult to look into people’s eyes, so I don’t like to. Eyes don’t help me understand someone.

I’m wrong about first impressions too! But eyes are my biggest hint

The window of the soul they say

I’ve been commented on my eyes a lot

Some guy once said “I can see the struggle in your eyes”


I get that from people too, I find that if I take antidepressants my eyes get clear and bright and I’m less tormented. One girl once told me that I look preoccupied though. Weather or not it’s OCD or sza I have no idea.

People usually just say “your eyes are so blue!”

Then I cast a spell on them, stop time and pull there pants down and run for the hills :sunglasses::sunglasses::sunglasses:

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Its too broad a subject to get into in detail but yes, eyes can express many things including hatred, sadness, or if someones nice. But beware of reading too much into what they can or cannot do. I’ve made a an couple of embarrassing mistakes by looking at women’s eyes and thinking they liked me (when they actually didn’t) or thinking they were thinking of sex when they actually weren’t.

That said, my last therapist was a very attractive student intern who was around 28 or 29. When I used to see her and we were in the middle of the session she would occasionally roll her eyes (for a want of a better term) and there was no mistake that she was thinking about sex. It was very sexy and a big turn on. I couldn’t read her mind so of course I didn’t know exactly what she was thinking about and I know it wasn’t about me but there was no mistaking it.

On the other hand, many moons ago in the mid nineties I was walking home at night by myself from a CA meeting and an attractive women from the meeting who I had never seen before sidled up from behind me and linked her arm under mine and starting talking to me. She invited me out to dinner so we walked several blocks (in a bad part of town incidentally) to a restaurant and ordered some food (which she later payed for) and started talking.

I kind of had an idea about what was going on but being a little dense when it comes to women I wasn’t sure. But then she made eye contact with me and she was held it there for quite a few seconds. I was looking right back at her and I had no idea what she was thinking about until she said, sexily, “Do you know what I’m thinking”? And everything clicked with the arm linkage, the friendly conversation , and asking me out to dinner. So being the latent genius that I am I said, “You’re thinking about sex” and she nodded yes.

So anyway, we left the restaurant, called a cab, (which she payed for) and had the cab take us to a motel (which she payed for). Gentleman don’t tell bedroom secrets but we sealed the deal and the next morning I caught a bus home to my board & care home with such a big smile on my face that it looked like I had slept with a clothes hanger in my mouth.

Maybe some people can , but I can’t.

My right eye is calm cool and collected while my left eye is cracked out and desperate. I think I definitely qualify as a former drug addict in recovery. I’m also only half crazy

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I can’t even look people in the eye lol. It makes me sooo uncomfortable

I can’t even look towards people most days let alone into their eyes. I voted yes though. Eye contact can be very intimate imo