Poll: Since taking ill, do you feel like you have a lot less depth as a person?

I used to have a lot more depth, complexity, and qualities as a person. I was also weirder. I’m not talking about symptoms of psychosis either; this was pre-schizophrenia.

Do you feel like you have a lot less depth since taking ill?

  • Yes
  • No
  • Maybe or I’m not sure

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No. These lies only drift over my road.

I dont think this disease takes depth away. Maybe one can think they are not deep but they are still the same as before cause you cant see you are deep when you are deep.

yes very much so. i feel like i lost my ego. Before schizophrenia i used to think i was different in a good way.


No, I have more depth now. Before I became sza, I was very shy, reserved and very bulimic. I kept to myself. (Well, I still do). I was also very dependent on others, (especially my parents and then my boyfriend who was then later my husband), to take care of me. I didn’t grow up until after I got my nursing license, at the age of 25.

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Psychosis changed me… sometimes in a good way, but also i lack something.

What’s that ‘something’ i’m not sure. Maybe depth, maybe feelings and maybe ego, like @anon89143308 said.

But I’m starting to believe everything with brain is changeable for better. I’m certainly better now than at the beginning of my treatment. It could be even better if i ever start reading books again and doing some other healthy stuff (yoga, slimming down, etc).

Now i wonder how many of us who complained about lack of depth, reads books? Do we mingle :smiley: with healthy people?

just like you I was born to lose, hi Dr Zen Here, once the news got out. bam I lost a hell of a lot, but not friends, family was not my best anymore. and work was keep to myself. there was too much paperwork in ever thing I did. and the willfair sh*t was cold. I lived on the streets tell I got ssi.

Sometimes my personality is overshadowed by my despair at having gone through psychosis, but overall I think I gained at least a little depth from my illness. I’m a lot more compassionate now. I used to think I was strong enough to withstand my problems on my own and naturally I extrapolated that quality to other people. Then I broke, and that got me to realize how fragile we are and how much we need each other.

I’m boring now, all I talk about are my symptoms and my misery.


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