Poll - should I stay up for the super bowl

  • Yes
  • No

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It is on at 1am uk time. If I am going to stay up for it it might ruin my sleep schedule.

Ps who is playing the half time show?

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I thought Maroon 5 was doing the halftime. There was news about but I just read the headline. It could have changed.

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Ok I wouldn’t be bothered about missing maroon 5


Maroon 5 and I believe Travis Scott, so nothing to miss.

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Poll closed. A resounding vote for staying up. I will go to bed early and set my alarm, watch the match then go back to sleep


Enjoy!! 15151515

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I like that you call I match! Pick a team to root for!

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I’ve seen that there will be two pompom boys for the Super Bowl this year. This is very gay!!

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