POLL of how busy you are and how long out of hospital?

This is not a brag

i’m 8 yrs out of hospital and for 2 months i will only have 15 days each month away from public organised activity completely.

i will be attending evening classes on play reading and discussion every other week. two different performance workshops - an evening and a morning. Travelling an hour for psychotherapy. and going away camping with my husband and also going to readings of my playwriting work.

for 2 weeks before the autumn term starts i want to do 2 weeks of workshops 3 sessions one week 5 the next

  • all the workshops are based around theatre and performance skills

only one of these is for socially excluded / disability / addicts etc

i exercise or i like to … i don’t know how to do things by halfs but i’m a lot lazier than i want to be usually

I really am worried this term will be too much for me and i don’t want to back out of any of it.

i think with all this i might find myself sleeping on the couch the majority of my time off… or too wired and stressed to sleep

my mum doesn’t think she could keep it up herself ever - she says - i am sure she could have at my age

i cook for my husband and shop and do the laundry - i don’t do a lot of housework

earlier in the year i was doing occasional eve classes - once every 3 weeks
one performance group for disability and one therapy session an hour away (only for 6 weeks - i’m now going into long term therapy) i was going out on cycle rides 2 x a week with a friend from the group.

this was the kind of level i felt comfortable with

maybe i should drop the second performance group before i start it - it’s 10 weeks every week 7.15 - 9.15 lead by a guy i did a shiatsu course with as another student and feel quite intimidated by him
but i should get to know him next week or the week after in 6 of the workshops

i have done intensive things before - but not just before launching into a 4 day week.

it will be

mon every other week evening 2 h

tue every week evening 2h

wed therapy

thurs every week mornings 10 - 1

that is a lot isn’t it?

could you do that ?

do you do a lot more than that on a regular basis?

please let me know what you are doing nowadays?

In about a month and a half it will have been 6 years that I’ve been out of the hospital.

I like to consider being a moderator here as volunteer activity. If that’s the case, then I’m usually pretty busy as I spend a lot of time on the forums. I spend a great amount of time socializing with friends during the day. Occasionally, I’ll get my butt in gear and work on my programming projects. Lately I’ve spent a lot of time setting up all the domain names and email addresses I and my friends have.

Overall, I guess I’m pretty busy. I always feel lazy and non-productive but looking at it now I guess I don’t waste as much time as I’ve thought.

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last time was christmas 2010 just after going to Lanzarote, i had an ulcer and i was really confused and took too many pills, woke up 2 days later in the mental hospital and had to stay there while they treated my ulcer and got me well again about 3 weeks maybe

I am currently not busy at all but gearing up for my part in helping a clubhouse program get up and running in September and I am four and a half years since any (however brief) stays at the psych ward. Though I did spend four months inpatient at a dual diagnosis program about four years ago, but that wasn’t a hospital it was a house.

Last hospitalised in 1983 and unlikely to be hospitalised again as illness in the chronic rather than acute stage(when admissions likely to occur ). Nowadays whatever your functioning you are unlikely to be hospitalised unless an immediate danger to self or others.
I think there are a lot of us with chronic below optimal functioning, who don’t qualify for hospitalisation, that lead fairly low level existences in the community.

Not at all busy .

I’m about to go into the hospital for the first time. I’ve identified the beginning phases of a psychotic episode and have decided to go into the hospital before it becomes a serious problem. I don’t keep nearly busy enough, my ability to do work has been seriously hampered by the stroke.


I’m in the u.k - i think hospitalisation is more likely here

The services are pretty good here compared with the u.s. i think

you make me feel exceptionally lucky firemonkey

I was last hospitalized in the spring of this year. I keep pretty busy and I know that stress is a trigger for me, so I work hard every day to manage that. I go to school and work part time. I think part of me is motivated by the activities I do to keep going. If I weren’t going to work or class, what else would I be doing? Thinking about the days when I used to sit in bed all day, or walk aimlessly, those thoughts make me really upset. So in some ways, keeping busy does me some good. I just have to manage it so it doesn’t get out of hand.

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how do you manage the stress?

are you good socially? (I"m an Aspie)

what are your hours like?

sorry to hear about your stroke.

It’s ok to get help. Best of luck. It’s not too late to stop any more serious damage hopefully with psychosis for you

what is a clubhouse? guess i should google it?
what will your role be?

you can google “clubhouse international” or “clubhouse model”

It’s like a drop in center but not a drop in center.

My role it looks like will be a humble member as much as my former clubhouse wants me to apply as staff and go on to become a director…

I have real problems with feeling lazy. I have exceptionally successful people in my family and feel like a real waste of space but i guess the real winners in my family - the workaholic successful businessman pedophile father and the alcoholic in the middle of a breakdown world class portrait photographer sister aren’t perfect either

I was last in hospital in January this year. I had come off my meds and ran out of pills and had a crisis. Since then, tried stabilising myself with the help of a pdoc, and hopefully its working (although I had a little setback in July and August). Not too busy, just living day to day with my husband. Going to move house next month if you call that busy. Otherwise, just do daily chores, shopping every few days, and weekly visiting with husband’s family.

right - yes looks amazing - they do have places like that here too - it’s not something that i know about near me but there is a good one i’ve been to 40 miles away

i go to a theatre group for “socially excluded” i think they call it - it’s mental health and addicts and learning disabled mixed into one

That is only once a week but it’s brilliant.

2 hr train ride from me (but i might be moving to 40 mins closer) is a theatre company for mental health it’s the premier one in the country and the guy who mentors my writing is from there - even though i hardly ever go i’m getting to know the people a bit
maybe next time i’m up there i’ll get people’s email addresses or Facebook

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I have never been and I am not bad enough to be forced into one. However I may willingly go due to how bad I tend to get (paranoia gets real bad, anxiety shoots way up, hallucinations so bad that they interfere what what I do, etc)

It’s been years since i’ve been.

One of these times was absolutely unnessecary, my relative had me involuntarily committed as a power move to keep me under control and scare me into submission.

I’m in the hospital now, in the art room. Third hospitalization this year.

So during the semester I will work Monday 2-5, Tuesday 9-12, off Wednesday, Thursday 9-12, Friday 1-5. I have class Tuesday evening, Wednesday evening, Thursday afternoon, and Friday morning.

I’m a very skeptical person. My perceptions are often wrong. But this does lead to me being wary of the world around me. I get anxiety a lot. A whole lot. I take my meds and they help. I don’t talk to many people in my classes. I’ve gone through semesters where I haven’t said a word in class. At work I’m more comfortable. I know them, they know me, and I can relax a bit. I like my job, it’s easy work for me, and they are very accommodating when I need time off.

My boyfriend helps me tremendously. He makes me smile, and he’s ALWAYS there when I need him. If I had a bad day, or if something is stressing me out, or even when I’m just overwhelmed, I can call him and he will talk me off the ledge.


My last time in the hospital was about two years ago. I am very busy with school. Busier than last semester. I am taking four intesive courses. I am already behind in my readings. Hopefully, I will be able to catch up over this long Labor Day weekend.