Poll: my dilemna

my weight is fine, but I have developed a little bit of a belly. im trying to get rid of it and am thinking of going keto. only problem is im a vegetarian. what should I do?

  • stay vegetarian- keep the belly
  • go keto- lose the belly
  • go keto lose the belly, then go back to eating as a vegetarian.

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In my opinion, keto is a dangerous diet. You’re better off doing some exercises and upping how many calories your burn.


If you just have a little bit of a belly, why don’t you just do a little bit of exercise? :running_man:


I’d say do some calorie counting.

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I’ve heard.horror stories about keto diets.

I’ve heard good things about intermittent fasting

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I recommend exercise and staying vegetarian. Possibly counting calories if you don’t think you’d go overboard. I’ve heard really bad things about the keto diet.

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It depends on what your veggie diet amounts to. Some veggies can contribute to weight gain. I don’t recommend the keto at this point because its nearly impossible to stick to and if your veggie diet was leading to weight gain going keto and then going back would be self-defeating. I say find the non-fattening veggies and stick to them or learn to ignore the belly. We all die of something anyway.

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I vote for “Stay vegetarian - lose the belly” which you forgot to include in the poll.

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thanks for the replies guys. I think im going to stay vegetarian. basically I intermittent fast and calorie count. if I was working the weight would come right off I think. actually I’ve lost 22 pounds in the last 6 months, but I’ve platuead at this amount of calories and was considering something more drastic to lose the last bit of weight.

exercise is the key I guess,

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lol I don’t know how to spell platuead

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plateaued i think

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i have an app that monitors my health and i did 8,589steps todays almost 4miles or 6km :slight_smile:

still got a belly though :frowning:

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