Poll: Mind reading vs. thought broadcasting

I know a lot of people experience thought broadcasting, where they hear people physically react or respond to their thoughts in real life.

Anyone just experience mind reading without the real-life physical reactions? That’s what I have, voices of real life people read my mind (even when I’m alone) and comment psychically occasionally. But, people do not physically react to my thoughts in real life.

Did you experience mind reading without the physical reactions element?

  • Yes, and it also happens when I’m physically alone
  • Yes, but only when I’m physically around other people
  • No

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I used to think I could read other people’s thoughts. I would be around someone and think really strongly that XYZ was what they were thinking. But it only happened when other people were around.

I have “encountered” what you are describing.

It goes like this. I’m in a house or on a bus or in a restaurant, and what I’m thinking on is commented about by someone else.

It’s almost like there is a quantum entanglement (THERE ISN’T THOUGH) which feeds the information that I’m having into them.

Upon closure examination though such as recording them speaking or interacting with them based on what I assumed I heard this never pans out. NEVER.

What is obviously happening is that the sound waves hit my ear drums, are then processed, but when they are processed, they are being mixed with my memory and lingual faculties’ information. At the end of the line what I’m hearing has been diluted by other faculties of mine, so that it sounds like they are saying what they are not saying.

This has never happened not once with people I am close to in vicinity, so that I could hear them clearly. This has only happened when there is some kind barrier or distance between myself and them which means that the sound is not clear enough to understand, and I’m only believing I can understand them.

I suggest buying a cheap microphone like a lavaliere the ones they use on talk shows and news shows, and get the battery pack kind. You can search Amazon or online spy gadget stores. Then hide it in your clothes. The winter is perfect because you have to wear more layers of clothes.

Then transfer the data onto your computer, and listen in headphones closely. Compare what you thought you heard with what it actually says.

One thing to remember is that you get used to it until you forget you are wearing it. If you are aware of wearing it because you haven’t been doing it for very long, then that awareness may effect how your faculties process the sounds you hear.

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i like your answers.

i think much of the time that is the way it is.

can you apply your logic, and your e=mc2 reasoning, to the spiritual world? could we just consider the possibility such does exist. maybe it is just love. love in patience. love in kindness…,

i just think, the truth, the whole truth, will be necessary for us .

I used to have mindreading where I could read other people’s thoughts. And I could even read their thoughts long distance like over the telephone line. And when I was alone. I don’t know if that’s what you mean by “mind reading” as opposed to 'thought broadcasting". Anyway, I answered, Yes, and it also happens when I’m physically alone.

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