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What do you do if you meet the love of your life…you want kids but he doesn’t…or vice versa?

  • Stay together and not have kids.
  • Move on. There’s plenty of fish in the sea.
  • Other

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I’m bringing this up because it was a question which arose during my daughter’s school class on Health/ Parenting.

Oh geez. I’ve been in that situation. Move on definitely.


I was trying to help my daughter answer the question but I found it tough.

When I first met Hon, it was clear we both wanted 2 children, so it never became an issue in our relationship.

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It depends on age. Young people can keep looking, but older people who want to settle down should be able to find a middle ground in the relationship. Like ok you don’t want kids for reasons x and y, but maybe we can adopt? Or maybe I like you well enough to change my decision.

Move on, 100%.

I met a ton of great guys that would have been awesome husbands,

But they all wanted kids.

When I met my husband I already liked him a lot when we talked about how neither one of us wanted kids, it was like magic.

I’m just saying, it’s very important to be on the same page as your partner about kids,

It’s a recipe for resentment and divorce if you don’t.


I think the answer is very individual. Some people would stay together, some wouldn’t. Staying together could build a lot of resentment over the years and could end up a failed marriage. Some people would choose to end it, and may never find love like that again. So it really takes a lot of soul searching on an individual level to determine what’s the most important to them


I imagine your dating history would also be a factor in this.

I mean, if you’ve dated a ton of jerks then finally found the love of your life, you might just put up with not having children in your marriage.

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I would have to move on no matter how much I love my partner.

I left the person I love most because he wouldn’t “let me” be on a vegan diet and because he used glue traps and because my horse needed a better paddock.
Miss him so incredibly much but he won’t take me back on my conditions.
The dogs were our children and it was a perfect family.

I rather not date someone with children.

If the children are adult maybe yes but too uncomfortable .

I wanted to have children but can’t anymore.

I could be a loving stepmother to young kids if the kids go well with me but it depends on the kids and I’m uncomfortable around most people so it’s easiest with no kids but there’s not many men my age or more with no kids.

My x in sa was perfect and we were a perfect family.

I can not give a man children.i have no womb anymore nor ovaries and I don’t want to adopt children.

I will adopt animals but not human .

Unless some amazing connection happened and miracle plus I can’t afford a child or children.

I think if you have children you should put them first .
Love them so so much .

It’s difficult leaving someone you love specially one you love most but sometimes it has to be done in order to be true to yourself.

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I believe it is something that can be worked out through communication and mutual understanding.

Wow they teach this kinda stuff at school now?

The schools I went to rather teach you about Catholicism, rather than anything to do with life.


Private schools? @Joker

Easy, it all depends if one wants kids or not.

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probably. I guess you get what you pay for. To be fair I didn’t bother with the last two years anyway!

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It’s easy to say to move on, I think someone hoping the other person changes their mind happens a lot, and not just kids.

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if it wasnt for the fact i had kids before i found my soul mate. id say run as fast as you can…

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