POLL: Is Your SCZ in the Form of a Radio Transponder or Another Way?

Well, I stopped thinking I was possessed because of a lot of work,

But I still hear the same voices.

So, its still an issue, less severe, but a big problem.

Would you say the problem with those figments of the mind that you hear is in themselves or the way that your mind sub sequentially reacts to them?

I’m bothered by what they say and do,

I’ve better control of how I react.

And I also have a lot of visual hallucinations, so its not just audio.

I have even “emotional hallucinations” which is kind of hard to describe. I can get emotionally cranked by these things, but I’ve learned that if I think of them like they are other people, it’s just cranking the grinder harder and faster. If I can do it, i will yell and discipline my brain as it it were a subservient animal of some kind being a half wit derelict screwing up the program. That’s if I have to get some sleep and no one can hear me. And you know what. It talks back. :scream: And it obeys. LOL

I don’t know what it is about it, but it seems like every type of hallucination is a socially communicable one. I don’t hallucinate about anything that is not something intended to be communicable in a sociological way. And for as vivid as these dumb things can get if it were other things like may science hallucinations or money hallucinations or anything else, it might be interesting. What if we were hallucinating in math or computer code? That’s a a one way ticket to the top.

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