POLL: Is Your SCZ in the Form of a Radio Transponder or Another Way?

  • Your Form of Scz Seems to Mean it is a Kind of Radio Transponder
  • Your Form of Scz Does Not Seem to Mean it is a Kind of Radio Transponder

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Most people seem to complain of things like thought broadcasting, sensing ESP voices, feelings, etc, and even being affected by technology frequencies that read and control their brains. I have never heard of a case of scz where there is no kind of Radio Transponder type paradigm involved.

Thanks for checking the anonymous poll.

No positive symptoms here …!!!

What makes you scz if you don’t mind me asking?


That seems like a stark contrast to the Skhizen Phren condition. This form almost seems like an outward lethargy due to an inward lack of processing. I then would wonder where the “Skizhen” effect comes into play. :thinking:

Cognitive symptoms are more characteristic of schizophrenia than positive symptoms, and negative symptoms are more disabling than positive symptoms. So it’s not really that different, in my opinion. Positive symptoms without negative or cognitive symptoms would be more different from normal sz than this.


Okay, but what are the common “misdiagnoses” of this simple form? I could see doctors often believing that it was something else other than scz. Am I right?

Because if you drop the one liner, “I’m telepathic, and I can read everyone’s minds, and the universe is talking to me through the dimensions,” and then you start acting it out as if you are influenced by things that just aren’t real, I don’t think there is anyone in the West that can’t diagnose that.

But if you explained your simple scz to most anyone, they would never think of it as scz. Am I wrong?

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It’s not that simple. A lot of diagnoses involve positive symptoms. The bipolar diagnoses can involve that, then there is delusional disorder, and schizotypal, PTSD, depression with psychotic features, substance-induced psychosis, dementia, and a long list of non-psychiatric diagnoses like brain abnormalities, mineral deficiencies and delirium. Psychosis is not as characteristic of schizophrenia as you might think. That’s why I said cognitive symptoms are more characteristic. The presence of schizophrenia-like cognitive symptoms is better correlated with an actual diagnosis of schizophrenia than schizophrenia-like positive symptoms are.

So to answer your question, it’s likely that very few people in the West can diagnose what you said correctly.


Ya, that is a new one by me. Thanks

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It’s debatable rather negatives are more disabling than positives.

Of course. It depends on the person, and everyone’s case is different. But everything I’ve seen on this suggests negative symptoms, in general, are more disabling than positive symptoms.

“Schizophrenia with few negative symptoms was associated with good premorbid functioning, acute onset, intermittent early course, and a better prognosis. Positive symptoms predicted future hospitalizations but were less powerful and specific as indicators of differential illness history, course, and long-term functional incapacity.”

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Hmmmm, the poll says 100% “radios.” What would you say to that?

It currently says 14% radios… 1 out of 7.

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Oh, one just added. Still it’s better than 70% biased, so it means something phenomenally. Nothing you’d say on that then? :thinking:

Dude, you’re reading your poll wrong. 7 out of 8 voted NO. 1 out of 8 voted YES. So it seems most people here don’t feel their sz is like a kind of radio transponder. There’s not much to be said about this result except that it doesn’t seem like this is something people here would tend to agree with. But 8 is still a low number of votes, so it could change.

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Are you sure you’re reading your poll results correctly?

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But still, I do think you’re onto something. Thought broadcasting, mind reading, mind control and communicating with/being possessed by spirits are pretty common delusions here. I’ve had similar ones. Communication and control seems to be a common theme with schizophrenic delusions.

I don’t believe that I have some sort of Radio Transponder,

But there was a time I believed I was possessed,

Which is a similar thought process, I think.

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If you’re handicapped because something from outside you entered your inner self, and then started controlling, that’s exactly what they’re going to call scz…if you can’t stop thinking like that. If you could stop thinking like that, then you’re not handicapped, and it’s a non-issue…because some people believe that stuff, but it’s hard to tell if they are just acting to other people like an audience or whatever, or it’s kind of just a one time thing kind of like the people around campfires once in a while thousands of years ago. “Controlled Pyrographics” for show; the ancient version of concerts and movies.

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LOL, I need to look a little bit closer when I read the result.

I wonder if I was clear on what I meant. I wouldn’t think so since so many people here complain of that kind of delusion. I may reward it a different way in the future just because it kind of doesn’t seem consistent with the anecdotes of the guests. It won’t hurt any to do it another way.

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