Poll: Is this forum software Too Hard / Easy to Use?

How Easy or Difficult do you find this forum software to use?

  • Very Difficult to Use / Confusing
  • Moderately Difficult to use, or Confusing
  • Neither too Easy, Nor Too Difficult
  • Moderately Easy to use, Not too Confusing
  • Very Easy to Use / Not Confusing at all

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e(Y)e Think it’s Good As It is … ,

No Problems To Report … ,

It Takes e(Y)e Would Assume Perhaps a Week To Two Weeks To Get It In Place and Where One Is Able To Jump From Link To Link … ,

Altho e(Y)e Wasn’t Aware Of Tha “family” Area Until Jus Thee Other Day … ,

but e(Y)e Think You Got it Down As Best As It Can Be … ,

For Now , Jus Kidding … ,

Have a Great Dai …

i think it is very easy to use…
which i am grateful of :heart:
take care :alien:

my hamster :hamster: said it is easy to use…
he presses all the buttons for me !?! :computer:
take care :alien:

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