POLL. Is the universe schizophrenic?

Schizophrenia is a word for whatever. I do think there are mystical elements, but not to equate one with the others is hard…

My fam. thinks I will one day possibly live without needing Abilify or anti-psychotic medication. I do believe that schizophrenia is a condition, however newer treatments will become available that will one day reverse the course…so that gives me hope…

Right now what’s working for me is: Hydroxizine 25mgs, Abilify 10mgs, women’s multi-vitamin, quinine, tea tree oil for the skin, and positive music. More-so classical than angry metal or cardi b. I don’t believe that just because I have experienced a few episodes that it is permanent. I want to hold onto faith/hope even if SSI does not work out I will not give up on success.


Life is crazy,
surely schizophrenic.
When tv says what i say or think,
that’s crazy.

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I think the universe also has a borderline personality disorder.

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maybe it has bi-polar but its in recovery

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Sounds legit to me.