POLL: is it immoral for a schizophrenic who can probably work full time but isn't sure of it, to collect disability benefits?

  • yes it’s immoral to collect benefits
  • no it’s not immoral to collect benefits

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id say there’s a high chance i could work full time but a significant chance i couldn’t. a lot of folks who collect benefits say they wouldn’t work full time if the financial incentive wasn’t there, and i doubt it’d be worth it financially for me to work full time, but i’m not sure that’s the ethical approach.

If you’re being given disability, a doctor has seen you unfit to work at all. Anything more than that is just gravy.

Like the doc will push you to work but half-heartedly. You’re still predisposed to break down at some point.


I worked for a about a year part time 20 hours a week. I eventually became overwhelmed and lowered it to 12 hours a week, Mon, wed, Friday. I eventually left that job. I really only did the job because I was in mental health court with regular meetings and didn’t want my judge to get angry with me. I feel that the judge thought I was lazy. But I’m not. I worked the best I possibly could before I had finished court and quit the job within a day after finishing court.

My theory is, if you can work part time, give it a try but it turns out to be too much or overwhelming. Then leave it to rest.


You’re suffering from the worst mental illness on the planet, it’s never immoral to collect benefits.

Even in my best of times, if I got a job and maintained it for three or four months, I’d hit a rough couple of months where my voice tortures me and I’d either be fired or have to quit. And let’s say I made it a full year, which is long enough for disability to fall away, and then I hit a rough patch… I’d have to go through the application process all over again, and disability might be cut/reduced/made harder to get by the government by then.


It’s not immoral. I was comfortable on disability and I chose to go back to work for me. I may not make it but I have to try.

The doctors told me I couldn’t do it but I am doing it and now when I go see my therapist he doesn’t even want to talk about my symptoms. He just asks me how work is going. I guess that’s the new measure of my success.

Nobody is going to get rich off of disability.


Is that still working out for you? I remember when you made that decision, I was totally rooting for you.

Why not try working first? I rage quit 15 different jobs and gave up. I can’t get disability because I live with my parents and I am in Canada.

I didn’t vote because you have to try working first.

I have been at my current job just over a year. I just got promoted but this Corona virus put a dent in my training. I still don’t really know my job yet really.

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I said it was immoral,

Only because you said you were able to work.

If you’re unsure,

Maybe try to work and see how it goes, I think you can do that without losing your benefit.

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Well that’s great! I wish you the best and hope Corona has no longterm negative effects on your employment :+1:

I worked a fairly easy job, but worked my ass off doing it, the best I could, then I got schizophrenia, as soon as I felt sorta normal I immediately wanted to go back to work. It gave me a sense of pride. Couldn’t last 15min doing what I used to do for 3hours so I tried to do it lazier… I lasted like till the end of the month. I couldn’t hack it anymore.

I’m looking into jobs that aren’t stressful and aren’t labor intensive. I’ve learned finger spelling and I might see if translating looks like something I could manage. I just don’t know anymore what I’m capable of.

Its not immoral, I earned my SSDI I only got it because I worked for it, and I only earn at the level I do because I worked my butt off and paid into it as much as I could at my age.

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I am the same even at the easiest job ever, video games tester. It was the job that I lasted the most after my sz, 2 weeks. I gave up on work.

I think you can do a lot if you have to. I was pretty sick and I worked the first six years I was sick. I went through 7 jobs so I couldn’t keep one very long but I managed to do it.

I was pretty bad off the first six years too. Extreme paranoia and delusions and hallucinations. I shouldn’t have done it because I got SSDI easily but you don’t know what you don’t know.

I had two mortgages and an upside down house in Southern California and a son in high school. When he graduated I thought I could stop and drop my pack but he decided to go to college.

I kept working. You have to do what you have to do.

I’ve made it my personal goal that I won’t receive any government benefit so I can be as self-reliant as possible. But, if you need it, then you shouldn’t feel immoral about it, even if you can work a little bit. Remember, we have psychosis; that’s a big deal.


The only way you can feel happy at work is if you are confident. Lack of confidence only causes worry and stress. You would not be ahead of the game at all. I say go ahead and collect disability if you are unsure of yourself.

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Work and its stressors is another thing. You may feel like you can work but when it comes down to it you struggle. I’m like that. I do pretty well but when I work the stress eats away at me till I get paranoid. I do volunteering to keep me active but I’ve no desire to mess with work.


I couldn’t work after being put on antipsychotics I tried and I enjoyed working too losing my job made me sad

If you want to work go at it slowly at first. Make damn sure you can handle it before you burn any bridges.

Maybe volunteer somewhere for awhile to see how that feels.

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