Poll : Is formula 1 the most boring sport in the world?

I absolutely love women’s volleyball they so fine

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I’d like to see some professional mini-golfers, to see if that’s better than regular golf (boring)…and how come players in baseball seem to be constantly having to visibly adjust their groins?

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And little mini people

Actually I was watching some old wrestling again and they had little mexican midgets wrestle each other it was hilarious.

Not big into motor sports. I’ve been to a few live races in the touring cars and it’s a long day in the sun. It strikes me as odd to sit and watch cars go by at a great rate of knots! I do have a friend who is into it though! I do keep up with most sports!

My sister’s boyfriend sometimes watches a sport where costumized cars see who can make it the farthest up a dirt hill.
That’s pretty lame.

Also, Tour De France is EXTREMELY boring, any bicycle event for that matter.

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Yea cycling on tv must be worse than golf. Nothing is as boring as watching cycling

I think horse racing is exciting !! especially if you have money on a horse !! I won the Kentucky Derby long ago…it was fun !!

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You took the words right out of my mouth.

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I don’t know bowling, tennis and golf are pretty boring but imo spectator sports in general are boring.


Forumula 1 is not as boring as NASCAR. Nascar doesnt have all the turns. It has 2 turns. All go left.

Maybe the most boring sport to watch is running.

If you guys want a poll they have one here you can vote on


It’s also pretty boring to WATCH someone play video games as well. At least when I was a little kid.

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