Poll : How well do you get along with in-laws

  • Well
  • OK
  • Not well

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By in-laws I mean anybody you’re related to because of marriage (yours or a close blood relative)

Holy hell, you had to go there! :stuck_out_tongue: Dealt with them today, as a matter of fact. Spent 15 months living with my brother-in-law, and I need a change of scenery. You know, when we came here, we were expecting to be here a couple of months max. Now we’re living here for at least another year. Don’t tell anyone, but I still haven’t got an Illinois driver’s license yet - still clinging to my Arizona license.

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I voted ‘just ok’, you can’t choose your in-laws I guess.

Oh, a poll I can’t vote. I don’t have any. :sunny:

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