Poll: How strong are your belief?


Your belief must be something worthwhile. If so, how strong is it?

  • Deeply rooted (inner)
  • Balanced between inner- and outer-self
  • Upbuilding (inner to outer)
  • Influential (outer)


I voted 1, but realistically 2 & 3 would also be true. It’s deeply rooted but both inner and outer. And the inner affects the outer
If we are talking about spiritual belief and faith, I don’t just believe on the inside, I carry it over into lifestyle and actions…not 100% but I strive to and feel bad if I fail.


You’re right. Both words and deeds are important.


I’m sorry to say, I’m not sure I get what belief you might mean.

If you mean my belief in reincarnation? I vote deeply rooted

If you mean my belief in the fact that there is good in the world? Deeply rooted


I admit that the scope is broad. I think originally I meant both religious belief and delusional belief (that you haven’t realize).