Poll: How satisfied are you with your treatment?

A poll to see satisfaction with treatment

  • very satisfied
  • quite satisfied
  • satisfied
  • quite unsatisfied
  • very unsatisfied

There’s only one button for the several options

Not sure what i’ve done wrong. Got the buttons now but something still wrong at the start. Perhaps Malvok can give us a full explanation of what to do.

See if SzAdmin can help you with it. I think it’s a great poll idea!



My treatment is of higher quality, I think it’s no coincidence that I am uncannily highly functioning and appear perfectly healthy to people who don’t know about my illness and how I was before I complied with treatment. I have thousands of dollars invested in my mental health, my therapist is 125/hour, I see him every two weeks and sometimes once a week, my psychiatrist is 50/15mins with insurance, and my evaluation was 1100 dollars, a private evaluation that took 3 days (not whole days, just three 2 hour sessions if I remember correctly, my brain was fried back then).

Im expensive and my meds are too, but insurance covers all three of my meds to where its a little over 100 for a months supply of them.

You might notice that Elyn Saks saw a psychoanalyst, which is the most expensive psychological treatment there is. John Nash had Princeton taking care of him. Elyn Saks went to Oxford and Yale.

Treatment can come in all sorts of levels of quality. Some people make a preface for people like Elyn Saks with “This person had the highest quality treatment that money could buy.” just so everyone doesn’t ask themselves why they aren’t professors.

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quite satisfied because it is not perfect but it is not just good, i think it is slightly better than good, actually right now they are not seeing me much but i feel better bc it feels like i am more independent and they are not baby sitting me all the time (no offence) but i don’t need as much treatment now as i did back then.

maybe it is more up to us as to how the treatment is going rather than the doctors and nurses, self empowerment, exceed our potentials etc etc its not all about the docs is what i’m saying

I put quite unsatisfied as 40 years of almost exclusively medication has got me nowhere near a recovery.

I’m satisfied with my treatment. I believe that my psychiatrist is a very good one.

Most of the time I am satisfied, but sometimes I have unanswered questions or don’t get to see my usual pdoc