POLL: How psychotic am I?

  • Completely psychotic
  • Very psychotic
  • Moderately psychotic
  • A little psychotic
  • Not psychotic at all

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Here’s how my days usually go: I start out having no problems. I wake up, have coffee, then do something. This typically lasts for a few hours, then I run out of steam to do things, and just end up sitting there thinking. Then I run out of things to think about, and just sit there blankly. Then I feel as though I am being watched by aliens. It usually ends up the same way: I think they’re looking at their computers, which are giving them readings on what’s going in my head. Only their readings are telling them things that are not true, specifically that I am doing and thinking things that they are trying to get me to do and think, so I’m under their complete control. Then they mock me. Then I start thinking my own thoughts back at them, and make them curious enough to check on me visually. Then they see that I’m currently not under control, but they think I only broke out of it today. Then I print things from my email and bank account that prove I was doing things they did not think I could do long before they checked. Then they freak out and stop looking. Then once the feeling that I’m being watched goes away, I stop believing that aliens were ever doing this to me at all.

I’d say that on most days, 80% of my waking hours is delusion-free and 20% is spent with alien delusions. It ebbs and flows. Also, none of these symptoms come until I run out of things to do or think about and just sit there aimlessly.

How psychotic am I in your opinion?

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This stood out to me, I think the same thing Execpt it’s the IRA/Americans who are looking at my thoughts. I get messages from posts on this site which confirms they can actually read my thoughts

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No psychotic symptoms except for some mild paranoid ideation but that could be OCD related.

I’m constantly worried about everything.

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On a scale of Gary Busey to Christopher Walken, you’re about a Micky Rourke.

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maybe you need to find something for your mind when the alien thoughts start to happen. Just browse the internet or something. At least its only 20% of the time, could be worse…

The fact you’re posting about it on this website, under unusual beliefs makes me think it’s not an actual delusion. If you were experiencing a delusion, would you be aware of it, and communicating it in this way?

Sounds more like an intrusive thought to me.

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You seem to cope and you don’t flip out for reasons of your delusions. You don’t drink alcohol or take drugs. Maybe you are only a little psychotic.

Somehow I don’t think it’s an intrusive thought, because when I’m in one of these “modes” I really seem to be believing that aliens are somehow messing with my head. Many psychiatrists have told me I have unusually good insight into my symptoms, so even though I may believe delusional things sometimes, I can snap myself out of it after a little while and tell myself I was delusional.

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No, it’s totally possible to be delusional and realize that you are delusional. At least a little bit.

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