Poll: How old are you?

It’s ok I’ll just get a fake id they’ll totally buy it ahahah

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I’m 26. I’ll be 27 in January.

I am 24 this year,will try to make it my year

i will be 41 in february.

I am 30 years old, 31 in May next year

I am 47 already, years have passed.

Im 30 years old

I am SQRT(20,306.25)/ 2.5 years old.

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I am 52. and I can’t believe it. haha…

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I would have guessed 60, but then I used the calculator and it gave 57. I was quite close.

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I feel like SQRT(35,156.25)/ 2.5 rather than SQRT(20,306.25)/ 2.5.

I am either 23 or 24, not really sure which…

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I’m 21, 22 in February, mentally I’m pretty much 17/18, I have arrested development due to this…, 17 was when I was acute and hospitalised, I had residual symptoms prior. Then m psychosis got severe and wasn’t treated. Started waking up about a year ago I barely remember the past few years on normal terms, just my delusions and the shear fear I feel. I remember my first proper holiday in years this year, it’s a sign of improvement!

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Yeah, I always have to count it up. My brother gives me my age in pennies for Christmas every year.

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Turned 50 on 22nd August 2014 - my dad passed on 23 August 2014.

I’m so sorry about your dad.