Poll: how often do you sex?

  • every day
  • every two day
  • every week
  • every month
  • i don t sex,and i m happy without it

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Does masturbate count?

Yes of course…

  • I don’t sex and I’m not happy without it
  • I sex and it could be better

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  • i gave up that line of work long ago
  • too much of the sex i need a break

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  • Condoms
  • Birth Control
  • Both
  • I was made to make babies

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I feel like that one should have been on there. (Unfortunately I do not qualify)

  1. I don’t know how to make a poll
  2. List item

Here’s a video I uploaded to YouTube where I had sex for 10 hours.


Wow! Really amazing video! I have a video very similar to that. It shows the 20 models I’m dating. LOL!


All the porn websites out there wouldn’t need to exist anymore if everyone knew about my video up above. :+1:


Well im glad to see some routinely get sex people.

Have you ever heard of the century plant? It blooms every one hundred years. Every time the century plant blooms, I have sex without fail.

I think that’s true for me and I’m not going to live 100 years and happened to be born in the middle of two blooms. lol

There’s no procrastination when it comes to rumbustication.


I actually procrastinate when I need to masturbate so maybe I can take care of it right in the middle of two urges because it’s a huge chore to me at this point.

I think my last time was around the time Lindburgs baby got kidnapped.

Er, uh, “what is the sound of one hand fapping?”