Poll: How often do you prefer to be alone?

  • Always
  • Often
  • Sometimes
  • rarely
  • never

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How often do you all prefer to be alone? (I would be somewhere between always and often).

It’s hard because I get lonely… but I don’t like being around people all the time.

There are times when it’s too hard to be up and engage with people. I can relax when I’m alone.

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I picked sometimes. It’s tough to describe because I have little energy and plenty of anxiety even on meds for it and I sometimes get unbearably lonely at home if I’m trying to talk to anyone through Skype I’ve known for years because they tend to never reply for whatever reason and then when I’m with someone in real life I tend to get drained. I’m trying to recondition myself to have different habits anyway like I just go clean and stuff if I’m stuck at home and nothing is happening online at all.