Poll: How much support do you get from your family

  • I get all the support I want/need
  • I get some support but want/need more
  • As far as they’re concerned,I’m on my own

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This is a repeat of a similar poll as the results were lost due to forum software upgrades.

They support me when it suits them and they keep me around to pay my share until they don’t need me anymore.

One of them even tried to murder me by baiting me with drugs, he wanted to see me tortured to death apparently. And oh how good it would be for him to be able to blame me for it right?!

I live in a land of pure hatred when it comes to family.

I have a fair weather family. When the going gets tough, I’m on my own, so I had to vote for the ‘on my own’ option.

I must say that I have received all kind of material support from my parents, but in aspect emotional, their support have been very limited.

My immediate family is cool but my sister is moody ahem bipolar with borderline personality.

My extended family is cool on the maternal side, I think they truly understand my situation.

Paternal family disowned me.

My parents are cool for the most part, they give me room and board by letting me live with them and my scholarships pay for my school.

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my immediate family feels i don’t get enough support from my partner so they are against her. My mom has said that i need to have my real family nearby in case things go wrong again. I haven’t told my extended family except my one of my cousins. She told me if i ever had problems to call or text her but she hasn’t called me back in over a week. I’m afraid of talking to my in laws about my illness since they sometimes twist things.

Im on my own. My biggest support is my gf. She understands and support.
But as far as my family is concered im on my own.

Sounds like you were smart enough to not take the bait. Sounds horrendous.

When I think about family my ma is the only person that comes to mind because my immediate family (dad,brother) was never ever close like hugging and such.

We literally have no family photos with all of us in there,but my ma has always been great but not just to me she just enjoys helping people pretty much anybody.

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My new quip is that I got dealt the bad cards when it came to genetics… but I got all aces when it came to family.

I got lucky in the family department. Yes… there are a few annoying aunts and uncles… one triggering younger brother.

But my parents and sister have been on my side every step of the way.

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My family has always been there for me. My brother says he’ll pay for some dental work for me, and my sister has offered to take me on needed long distance trips to the Indian dentist. (I’m on the Chickasaw tribal roles.) My brother lives in New York City. I call him once a week and we chat and go through any issues that might be troubling me. My family has always been good about supporting me.

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My family completely supports me financially, and they talk to me too, but not about the stuff that bothers me, like fears over the future economy and stuff like that. That’s what my psychologist is for, but I’m always stressed out that I’m never going to be able to support myself.

On a daily basis I get little hands on support. The person most likely to support me is my youngest step daughter but she lives about 4 hours away and so help is usually when she visits.
On the whole though I’m pretty much left to my own devices. That’s not to say I have an acrimonious relationship with family .