POLL: how much do you fear death?

I fear death a little, can depend on the mood I’m in. However, I’ll be more upset leaving my family, my partner and my animals. I could see that being a bigger emotional toll on my mind.

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Out of 100 percent I have gotten it down to 5 percent fear but although it is a small percentage, don’t underestimate how powerful that 5 percent can be.

I am still on a journey of furthering my peace of mind. About that CRAP.

Yeah, they say 10% of a relationship is sex, well 10%.:thinking:

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To elaborate. I actually like to believe that hell delusion has a good reason for being there and for, I believe, eventually disappearing as I work my way through my thoughts on that. If I get round to that.

I don’t understand the thinking emoji purpose?

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Come on death just try it!!! I don’t want to take my own life but if nature wants to do it for me its OK.

O death, where is thy sting ? O grave, where is thy victory?

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Fear. And Death.

Fear:::~ A Negative Feeling That Begins It’s Completion In Fight Or Flight Response.

Death:::~ The Ending Of Life.

It’s Easy To Say, Everyone Fears Death. But!, That Leaves Out, Of Course Suicide. And As Someone Who Has Made A Suicide Attempt Before, All I Can Say Is, Even During The Process, There Was About 10% Of Fear Of The Unknown.

Blame It On Horror Movies!. Thanx, Freddy!.

During My Years Of Modest, Quiet Study In Religion And Spirituality. I Have Come To The Conclusion That Eternity Cannot Be Measured. It Is Endless. Which Jus Means Simply, You Cannot Touch The End Of What Has No Ending.

Kinda Like NASA And The Edge Of The Expanding Universe Perhaps. And I Would Personally Add, An Example For Humans To Try And Decode The Message Of Infinity From A Being Also Unable To Be Explained In It’s Entirety.

Which Has A Name Everyone On Thus Planet Is Familiar With.

And That Is God.

No Matter Who You Are, Where You Come From, And What It Is You Truly Love. The Subject Of Death Always Falls Back Into God’s Lap. I Was A Baby, Now I’m An Olde Man Or Woman.

The End?.

Or A New Beginning?.

And What’s With The Grim Reaper And Thus Ever Elusive Creature Known As Fear.

And Deja-Vu…, And Reincarnation…, And Karma…, And Consumption…, And Dreams.

And. . .


Being in fear is a choice

I think we just turn into gases after death, a different element. I only know my element, maybe love so far.

I would say I’m moderately to severely afraid of death, but it’s more like I’m afraid of what happens after it.

I’m not really afraid of either death or public speaking although if I had a choice I would choose to do neither.

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