POLL: how much do you fear death?

on a scale of 0-5, how much do you fear death?
  • 0 i dont fear death at all
  • 1
  • 2
  • 3 i’m moderately afraid of death
  • 4
  • 5 i’m extremely afraid of death

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Been in a one or two or three situations which called for the end but I don’t think I feared dying as much as I did fear the consequences of what was going on.

Wouldn’t say anymore on the actual events though. Except for one, it was a riot in South Asia and I was attacked whilst in the car and a protest turned into a riot,

I was thinking just the other day that I would rather not exist than to live in agony for all eternity. I do have a little fear of death, though. It would be very anticlimactic if I died the way I am now.

Whilst in psychosis I had no fear whatsoever. Now I’m stable I’m scared and have a healthy level of fear again

I don’t fear death but I do fear a painful protracted death. If I knew I was going to go peacefully in my sleep I wouldn’t have any fear at all.

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I’m more afraid of public speaking.
Seriously, they did a study years ago that showed more people fear public speaking than death.


That all depends on the mood I’m in. If I feel good, I don’t fear death like I do if I am alone and anxious.

“o death where is thy sting?” I do not fear death…part of life…not ready to go just yet though…still got some living to do.


When I was psychotic I thought that I was already dead and that Death was speaking directly to me

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like that bit from seinfeld… “at funerals, most people are more afraid of giving the eulogy than they are of bein in the casket”


I’m not sure if I fear death. Something keeps me away from commiting suicide. Maybe it all makes no sense at all.

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I don’t fear death, I just hate it.

i greatly fear death, but near death experiences NDEs give me comfort

I had the same when I was psychotic, I was terrorfied

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I dont fear death at all, tbh!

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I have more of a fear of leaving Little LED without a mom than I have if actually dying. But I think I have a generally healthy fear of death.

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i don’t fear death much anymore… i know i will return to God and things will be better than being stuck in this fake world…

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I only fear death a tiny bit so, I said 1.

After i met my new girlfriend i fear the afterlife.