Poll: How lonely are you

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medium lonely. I talk to myself to keep myself from feeling too lonely! :smiley:

I have skype friends, and the people on this forum, but not irl friends atm.

I’d like to join a club irl to make new friends, but there’s only “gun clubs” and churches near me! It BLOWS!

In some ways I miss Orlando!

i move every 4 years. and somehow i always get into fights or arguments with people… so nothing ever lasts long. my bestfriend of 14 yrs doesnt talk to me anymore ever since i got sick. i’m trying to find new friends in this city.

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What city are you in?

Yogyakarta. It’s in Indonesia. I used to live in Jakarta and Bali.


That’s cool! There’s a guy from Indonesia on this forum actually! Or maybe it was Malaysia. Have you met him yet? I saw a pic of him and thought he was a handsome guy. I think he’s looking for a gf if you’re interested!

I do get lonely sometimes. I am currently hanging out with a buddy who is also diagnosed which gives me some insight of the meds which he is currently taking.

Im medium lonely.

I think my social life is normal for a responsible adult, but I cant stand being alone- hence I am on a forum to talk with people. I always test very extroverted on the MBTI.

I have friends, I hangout with them regularly. I’ve spent time with friends four out of the last seven days.

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OK… What’s his name?..

What’s your MBTI type?

ENTJ (post must be 15 characters)

What city do u live in?

Not lonely enough.



I live in Greenville NC in the USA.

The guy I was talking about was @Gtx1990 . He’s a really good guy, I skyped with him before! But I can’t remember if he’s from indonesia or Malaysia to save my life! :stuck_out_tongue:

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That’s a beautiful city bipolar bear. OK thanx for the info :slight_smile:

Oh I am from Malaysia
Apa Khaba? :stuck_out_tongue:

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baik. apa kabar? (thats how indos say it) lol


Have you and raen ever met? she’s from nearby! Indonesia!

I have never been to Indonesia, but geographically speaking, they are close to each other.

All the best, @Gtx1990

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Does Jakarta and Surabaya use different language?