POLL: How is your physical stamina?

  • Excellent
  • Good
  • Average
  • Bad
  • Terrible

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It’s bloody awful. I’m 36 weeks pregnant …and it making me very breathless. I struggle to get up and down the stairs.


I have a neurodegenerative condition. As a result my health tends to be very poor.

My physical stamina is good to excellent as I am able to run on my treadmill for an hour. I am increasing the distance covered in 1-hour improving at each record I set.


Last week my stamina was horrible. I could hardly walk without having to bend over and catch my breath. I would breathe in, but it felt like no air was going into my lungs. I went to the clinic and they x-rayed my lungs. I don’t know what the outcome was. My doctor gave me a steroid inhaler, and the problem went away. I as good as new.

You’re so lucky you can run yinyang.

I am going to try jogging on Monday I hope I can and can maintain a jog every other day.

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I drink coffee before my walks so my lungs are in top shape :muscle:

Minus the smoking though.


Putting in the time and effort counts. I started walking at first during the new year and 4 months later I can now run. Incremental steps is key.


36 weeks? Just 4 to go!


Mine isn’t great, but not terrible either. I can walk for about an hour. Run for about 5 minutes. Hold a plank for 2 minutes.

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I chose average. Went from excellent to good to average. I’m trying to get back to good territory but first I’ll need to lose weight.

I chose average. I’ve been practicing yoga pretty regularly over the past 16 years however in the last year I’ve noticed my legs getting significantly weaker. Probably because I’ve been sitting around a lot more lately :confused:.

I’ve tried walking outdoors but I’m not liking it too much.

I’m going to try my apartment fitness center treadmills.

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