Poll: How is the new DX'd - Sz/SzA forum working out?

How do you feel the new DX’d - Sz/SzA forum working out?


  • I’m happy with it.
  • I don’t like it.
  • I have no opinion.
  • Potato!

I’ve been trying to move those topics that look like they are of more general interest into the other forums with wider audiences whenever it looks like a good idea, but I’ve been making sure to get permission first. Would appreciate votes and any additional comments.

(Wearing moderator potato)

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I accidentally commented over there a day or two ago, and didn’t notice until it was too late to delete :blowfish:

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No most of the votes are potato…thats too funny…so you gonna potato this place up if it wins the poll? Lol


I’m sorry for what I’m going to say, but I see the category as nothing. What I care is the thread title and original poster. I would make sure to join discussion not less than 1 day old.

I voted potato because I honestly don’t perceive a difference, and I love potatoes.

I’m sick of hearing about potatoes. Oh wait! I just changed me mind.

Hey, did you hear the one about the traveling salesman, the sexy farm girl and the potato? I forget exactly how it goes, but the punchline is “Hey darling, those aren’t roots that are growing out of my pants”.


I honestly don’t see any use for it. I thought I would like to look for support through the Sz/SzA forum when it was first brought to mind, now I just realize I feel alone if I just go to that category.

I dont go over to sz/a so i guess its great. :upside_down: i think this was the best possible solution and it works.

Wait were divided up…i have d.i.d ontop of my sz is there a catagory for that?

DX’d - Other is the catch all category. It’s where I try to talk about my Autism Spectrum DX.

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