Poll: How good are you in computer?

Somewhat complex…

A1. Have done everything possible on MS-Windows
A2. Have done something on MS-Windows
A3. Have done nothing on MS-Windows

B1. Have done everything possible on Linux
B2. Have done something on Linux
B3. Have done nothing on Linux

C1. Have done everything possible on Mac OS
C2. Have done something on Mac OS
C3. Have done nothing on Mac OS

D. Have experience with App Store

E. Have experience with Play Store

F. Have experience with Windows Store

  • A1 + B1 + C1
  • A1 + B1 + C2
  • A1 + B1 + C3
  • A1 + B2 + C1
  • A1 + B2 + C2
  • A1 + B2 + C3
  • A1 + B3 + C1
  • A1 + B3 + C2
  • A1 + B3 + C3
  • A2 + B1 + C1
  • A2 + B1 + C2
  • A2 + B1 + C3
  • A2 + B2 + C1
  • A2 + B2 + C2
  • A2 + B2 + C3
  • A2 + B3 + C1
  • A2 + B3 + C2
  • A2 + B3 + C3
  • A3 + B1 + C1
  • A3 + B1 + C2
  • A3 + B1 + C3
  • A3 + B2 + C1
  • A3 + B2 + C2
  • A3 + B2 + C3
  • A3 + B3 + C1
  • A3 + B3 + C2
  • A3 + B3 + C3

The list is too long to include your options of mobile experience (D, E, F).

I will just neatly say I have no experience buying ANYTHING from the Windows store. Couldn’t even tell you what they offer, but I’d hazard a guess…books, movies, apps, and music? I’d say over the past 10 days, people who visit here frequently have an idea of the rest of my knowledge. :stuck_out_tongue:

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I am NOT one of the computer savvy types. This past summer is the first time I’ve ever owned a cell phone and it’s a flip phone type, not a iphone or something like that.

Our Aunt gave us her older Apple… that’s our home computer that I’m typing on now. My Sis is the one with the laptops and the iphone and all that.

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@SurprisedJ, what kind of computer do you use to post to these forums?

It’s an older Imac. My Aunt had it for a while before giving it to us… It still works just fine for what I do.

Good deal. I built a computer for a small radiator repair company in 2002. It’s still chugging along working seamlessly with their shop computer downstairs.

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I’d have to say I was fairly proficient…if it was still the year 1998 :smiley:

If what I knew then isn’t outdated then it’s forgotten over time.

I generally tell people nowadays “Well I know enough to know how to use one”

I fixed up the poll in another thread so I’ll close this one.