Poll: How easy/difficult is your average day?

  • Easy
  • Medium
  • A big struggle

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The average day is average but night… totally different story


At this point? A living hell.

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I don’t know if I can vote because I would say that my day is usually a struggle, not a big struggle.

More than Medium, less than Big Struggle.


It’s really hard to quantify how difficult my days are. Very little is asked of me most days. I go to day treatment, we have group, then we sit around until lunch. After lunch the computer lab is open and we can get on the internet. I also have access to the internet in my own room. It’s a pretty easy day, but I manufacture all kinds of stress. I’ve always found it difficult to be around people. So, I would say my average day is about medium in difficulty.

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A struggle. But not that much anymore compared to many others’.

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Definitely not as bad as it could be. I have food, water, shelter, access to education, and medical care.

An average day can take a turn for the worse with episodes and psychosis. I hate when things seem to be watching me. I hate it when I feel the barrel of a gun on the back of my neck and get threatened by a voice–commanded to do something.

Yet, I’m still in one of the best places in this world for a sz/a to be.

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Hard to say. I live quite a restricted life and at that level it’s moderately easy. If I took on more it would be a lot more difficult.

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I had to vote for a big struggle. I feel like I’m always struggling because of anxiety and restlessness caused by abilify. I can’t sit down for more than 15 minutes.

I do get a break for a few hours when I take a bcomplex though. Those few hours are the highlight of my day.

Yesterday was a challenge. I got put into a position the night before where a bus that we booked that I could legally transport passengers and baggage in was usurped from under us at the last moment and the unit I received instead didn’t have enough room to transpo passengers and baggage. Trying to do so would have been illegal. A staff member volunteered to drive the stuff instead. I was pretty furious at being put in a position where I had to break the law or cancel a trip that had been planned for a month.

I’ve resigned as a bus driver and coach. I had to make it through yesterday without letting it affect me. You never take your problems on the road with you, which I succeeded at, but they were waiting for me last night when I got back. Still angry.


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