Poll how boring are you?

  • im dead boring
  • zzz
  • people with insomnia are lucky with me
  • im freaking funny but i do wonder why i have no friends
  • im just boring nothing special

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I was bored

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Yes, I cure insomnia …

it depends on your view of exciting as opposed to boring…I can thrash on the electric guitar. how bout that? I can also play “foggy mountain breakdown” on the banjo like Earl Scruggs…haha no boasting…I was foolin’ around.

I think I’m more of a laughing stock so I can’t be boring but it’s ok at least I make ppl laugh

I don’t know if others have fun with me but I know I have a lot of fun with others.

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I’m freaking funny but I do wonder why people with insomnia are just boring. :slight_smile:

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I’m dead…

I think I oscillate between terrifying and boring.

I used to be very funny, making laugh everyone around me, but since I take the antipsychotic, I’m boring, I’m not funny at all anymore.

But I never had so much friends…

Given a choice between watching paint dry and being with me most people would choose the former.