Poll : Have you ever heard of Olivia Rodrigo?

She’s #1 in the billboard charts. The video above has 250 million views.

  • Never heard of her
  • Yes, heard of her

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If you’ve heard of her , how did you hear of her?

I’m trying to figure out how people find popular music in the on demand era !

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Oh man I lost my popularity grasp years ago. I have no friggin clue.

Now a days I find myself going back to bands I knew, but going deeper into their works, b-sides, and live shows.

My music is considered old grandpa rock by those darn teenie-bopper punks. :neutral_face::expressionless::neutral_face:


I’ve never heard of her before, but I love the song and her voice


I had to google her, so, no.

I don’t know who she is.

She’s cute, but I don’t listen to new music.

It’s all trash.

Catchy, catchy trash.


How do people know about her ?!?! :sob:

She’s a Disney kid.

They have their souls harvested and sold at a young age by their parents.

Usually they have a successful career until they gain sentience again in their 20s and screw things up.


Or go full porn.

Ex Disney kid made a butteton of money.

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Even if they don’t go full porn,

You’re definitely going to see them naked.

Happens to all of them.

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It’s a good song. I wish people would really sing. She has a good voice. She doesn’t sing naturally though. Idk what that kinda music is called

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never heard of her… i heard the song before but i don’t like it so much… it’s a bit whiney, don’t know how to say…


The tik tok hit of the moment, you guys need tik tok in your lifes lol

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