Poll:going to doctor

my doctor like to bring me to him every 2 months which bother me too

is it too little time ?
  • too much time
  • moderate
  • too little time

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i think it is too little time i become tired from this

what is your preference to go to doctor ?

  • less than 2 months
  • every 2 months
  • every 4 months
  • every 6 months
  • more than 6 months
  • others

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I think it is good to be monitored frequently if you are not 100% stable.

I go every month for my shot

I see mine every month but my pdr didn’t give me an apt last time. Idk if I should call them in case the pdr forgot. The pdr was mad and was basically yelling at me to get out of bed. Maybe I should change him.

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Every 6 months, I would do yearly if I could, it’s the 2nd to last place I ever want to be.

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I try to go to my pdoc every 2-3 months it’s expensive though without insurance. But now I have to be followed up with in 4 weeks due to starting a new med.

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