Poll For the Ladies

What kind of car would you like your first date to show up in?

  • A Porshe
  • A BMW
  • A Jaguar
  • A Mercedes Benz
  • A Wood-Paneled Station Wagon
  • Other (explain)

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1983 DeLorean…


Delorean DMC 12 Satin Silver 1/18 Model Car by Autoart 79916

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That’s my high-maintenance gal talking! love it! :wink:

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How the hell is my 2018 Chevy Impala not on that list?!?

The back seat in it is YUUUUUUUUGE.



I picked a wood panelled station wagon out of bullheadedness. But I’d like a Subaru Crosstrek or something, probably, something that won’t get stuck in the snow or slide off the interstate but still feel sweet inside.


I bought my father-in-law’s 1978 Chrysler Cordoba back in the day. I fit 11 hockey players into that car on a ride back to our hotel from a dance one night.

And trunk size? You could sleep a family of gypsies comfortably for the night…pillows included!


@PatrickT It’s good to see you back on the forum. I haven’t seen you post in a while.


My Dad bought a wood-paneled station wagon (used) in the mid 1970’s. It had the reversible back seats so my sister and i could look back and wave at the on-coming cars behind us.

No seat belts, with Dad smoking in the front while we were rolling around in the back with the groceries.

It looked just like this…


I said other. I want honesty. Be a nice person with a meaningful job who shows up in the car he can afford.


I never understood the 70s wood paneling craze, whether in the home or on the car. Butt ugly, I say! :smile:

It doesn’t matter. I’ll be the one doing the driving.



Okay, I admit. It’s a bit of a shallow thread. But what if your date can only afford to show up on a unicycle?

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Best answer yet! :smile:


They’re developing and testing driverless cars. My joke was…

My mother-in-law would find some way to badger the on-board computer into an accident.


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Shag rugs was another 70’s craze. Nothing like a shag rug in the bathroom to catch all of that errant pee!



Let’s hope the 70s trends stay in the past!

I really loved the women’s fashion from the 70’s, though…the patterns and flowing style.

Men’s from that era was ridiculous…

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Fabulous!!! :star_struck:

im just a male, but I wouldn’t mind the bmw…