Poll for International Users / Visitors - Would you like Automatic Translation here?

Hi Everyone,

Its possible to integrate into these forums the ability to support most international languages - so that you can post in your native language and participate in your native language (e.g. french, german, russian, croatian, etc.) and have that post automatically translated by one of the major translation engines (e.g. google or Microsoft) into english.

And - you can have the other posts translated into your native language.

Let me know if you would like this feature and think you would use it:

  • Yes, I would like and Use the integrated Translation Feature
  • No, I’m not interested, or wouldn’t use it.

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My opinion…i appreciate the offered possibility and caring for all users, and it is probably rare to have such sensitivity for cultural differences, BUT I would like to have a chance to express myself in my own way - and even more important, to improve my English.
(Although there is 50%chance of misunderstanding lol)

I would love to participate on this forum in my language I.e. Afrikaans but most translations from Afrikaans to English and vice versa by Google makes little or no sense to me. Like @Sarad I’d rather post in English and try to improve on it. Great suggestion anyhow.

I have the same problem as @Fellowman the translations from portuguese to english from google make no sense. I don’t mind speaking in english here, but I voted yes anyway, some people here have a real hard time translating their language to english.

Same as @sarad and @Fellowman I also want to improve my english.

No… Google Translate makes a lot of errors.

I wonder how much the real issue is that there are some people in the middle ground - like all the people responding here - who can read and write pretty good english.

Then there are the many people who don’t visit here because they are not yet at the level of writing and reading english that they feel they can participate here… which would be the people most to benefit from something like this…

Well…can it be like optional feature?

Yes it can - you’d just push a button to enable it.


will it be able to decipher different alien languages ?..we may be a minority but we still have feelings !?! :wink:
" mork calling orson… the earthlings wish to communicate with us… :phone:…nanoo nanoo… "
take care :alien:



Does this mean my jokes will be unfunny in more than one language??



The translationsolutions that are common on the web so far is crap. Basically they dont work well with grammar, they only translate words, but misses the grammar and the context, and hence are worthless. I think most people speak one of the large european languages: french, spanish, german or english. Maybe a sub-forum with the non-english ones would do?

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