Poll = does your family dysfunctional or simply weird?

  • Yes i have dysfunctional weird family
  • No my family quite normal

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I get sick of explaining family connections, and who is who to other people in real terms.

Think the worst one is my nan, who is the second wife of my step dads ex wife’s father…

Have a few other strange ones, but bottom line is we look out for each other as if we’re family.

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My immediate family is pretty normal,

As much as a family can be normal.

My extended family is a shitshow,

I don’t talk to half of them and the other half I wish I didn’t.

Not sure how to vote.

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I’m not going to repeat what I have said in other posts about my family. Definitely dysfunctional.

Bump. 1515151515

I have a mother who’s a complete hypochondriac, an alcoholic father, and a sister with a stress problem. The only member who’s normal, is my twin brother who works bloody hard, but he’s got his head screwed on, tho he still has mother work out his “spends” and budgeting for the week, even tho he’s been permanently engaged the past 15 years at 46.

Im the token loony in the family ha.

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Sounds like my family.

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My family is a passive and aggressive hodgepodge mix with both dysfunctional and altruistic tendencies.


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