Poll : Do you trust your local police?

A lot of mistrust in police these days so I was wondering:

Do you trust your local police?
  • Yes
  • No
  • Some of them
  • I don’t know

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I don’t trust any police

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I trust the police in my area. Ive never had a bad experience dealing with them.


Some of them.
There are good cops and bad cops.

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I’ve had one positive interaction with the police and I’ve dealt with them many times.

I don’t trust or like the police.



I trust the police too. I never had a bad experience with them.


I’ve been really lucky when it comes to police. They have treated me more than fair. I guess that’s white privileged.

If you hate police it’s coming from a place of fear. Most of them just wanna help. It’s sorta a helping profession. I don’t think most go into it for power or anything like that.

The only really dangerous ones are the newbs. They’re ducks for sure.


Hmm. . .

I Have Noticed Some Issues (From The National News), That The Public Are Having With Law Enforcement Agencies. I Stood Perplexed For A Little While At What All The Fuss Was About.

Did Some Study And Realized It’s Pretty Complicated. And Chaotic For Alot Of People.

Me Personally, I Have Had My Issues.

My Arguments Were Out Of Respect. But!, We Didn’t Quite See Eye To Eye.

In The End. I Bowed My Head In Honest Defeat And Spent Some Time With More Study.

I Now Take My Medications. And…, And…, Take Other Over The Counter Health Medications.

HMM… . …

N e Hoo. . .

When I See A Cop Drive By As I’m Walking, I Kinda Laugh. And When They Slow Down. . .

I Always Say Under My Breath, ‘Dammit…, Not Again’. :pensive:

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Fear of them being idiots that are known to abuse their power.