(POLL) Do you think you can tend to be an abuse magnet?

Bullies target weak people.

And paranoid people

They play on that

Yeah I see your point @ninjastar
Kind and empathetic people are less likely to push back.

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My Narcissistic brother surrounds himself with kind and gentle souls.

My brothers girlfriend is extremely empathetic but she is pushing back at him now.

Honestly I don’t think their relationship will last.

I’m pushing back at him more now too.

I was bullied in HS. I’m hardly weak and I wasn’t paranoid back then.

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i guess i am talking from my experience.

me having been weak and paranoid i was bullied until i lost my mind, and then continued to be bullied…

i am trying to be stronger now and more assertive

it is really difficult for me

people continue to exploit my weakness

but am improving

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