Poll : Do you think the opposite gender has it easier?

in what measure?

It seems easier for men to be alone and make a good show of it.

Women do seem more dependent on friendship… even moreso than love it seems… that’s speaking generally.

But by and large women have more difficult lives. There is a lot more there to fret over and maintain regarding mind and body… and I’m not saying sexually oppressive forces don’t affect men… but for women it’s universal.

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I’m not cheating on you @anon1571434, trust me. :wink: :wink:

I have been cheated on before though and I’ve dealt with the verbal abuse.

Privilege is hard to see sometimes.

That’s what she said.

I know I am so privileged to be berated for being born a male. Such privilege I have.

Men tend to have worse outcomes with schizophrenia. Worse positives, worse negatives, earlier age of onset, lower chance of full recovery, etc.


We also die younger

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Lol :joy:


That wasn’t a joke. I haven’t been telling any jokes all day damnit

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What a question :smile:
You really want to start a Forum War III do you @everhopeful :grinning:


I make a statement about my life experience and you attack me. I am dealing with too much in my life to be attacked.

You do you!

This is why women live longer than men whatsoever.


I didn’t start the microaggression. I merley defended myself. Unless you mean the bit where I shared my life experience, I don’t know what you are talking about.

I don’t think either gender has it easier, it is just different. Also, I think it can come down to personality. I’m a man but I don’t have any confidence which makes it difficult. Men are expected to be strong and assertive. And a woman who is assertive has the opposite problem. Society doesn’t like when women are assertive.

I hope his girlfriend likes the AC he risked his life to install.

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I’m noticing a lot of dangerous generalizations going on here. For the record, up to 30% of sexual abuse survivors are male, though it’s hard to get an accurate picture because men are less likely to report sexual violence against themselves, because of the stigma associated with it.

And both men and women would worry about being cheated on and such if they were paranoid people who didn’t know how to trust their partners.

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For some reason I doubt he has a girlfriend. :smirk:

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I thought you were directing that to me personally. I have had bad relationships too, so I understand your frustration with women.

This is a silly competition, because both men and women can treat each other poorly.

I apologies for getting upset with you. Let us make peace before we create a SZ Game of Thrones in here. :laughing:


Why would he want one?

Women don’t have it easier. I’ve seen how they are treated in the workplace and it hasn’t changed in the nearly 35 years I’ve been working in them. Also, I watched my wife in childbirth, and … yeah.


I don’t think women have it easier, all I know is I have had it very tough. Tougher than most men and women I know. (then again I know a lot of people in AA who have had it real tough) but I’m not the right person to ask really this question. It depends on the individual in my opinion. Some men have it tougher, some women do, overall? who knows, it’s tough to put yourself in anyone elses shoes let alone a whole genders.

Oh dear. I do hope you remember to check your privilege.


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