Poll: Do you listen/Posty to “What are you listening to?”

Do you post or listen to music in thread “What are you Listening to?”
  • I only post What I am listening to.
  • I post and Listen to some of what others are listening to. Discovering new music.
  • I don’t post. I just listen to what others are listening to.
  • I don’t post in that thread. But I do listen to music.
  • I don’t listen to music.

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I really like the thread. And I like listening to what’s others are listening to, some I like and some I don’t. But I like discovering good music other members are listening to.

I only listen to a fraction of it. Sometimes I will post on there

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@Joker Yeah it is a huge thread. A lot to go through. Almost impossible to listen to everyone’s posty.


To be fair, I tried to post an outside link but I wasn’t allowed to at the time but I posted what it was I tried to post a link too…

So, I’m counting it.


I’ve found some new bands I’ve liked through these threads.


i find it too tiring to listen to all of the posts

but i do like the ones i like like recognise

and i would listen to some that look interestin

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I listen to a lot of songs I haven’t heard before especially as some people have good taste!

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Post and listen to new stuff.

It’s a good thread.

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Yeah there are a lot of people who listen to some music I never heard of that I love. It also kinda gives you a sense of someone from what they listen to,


I love hearing new music, esp genres I’m not familiar with :smiley:

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