POLL: Do you hear voices? Not everyone does

  • I hear voices.
  • I do not hear voices.
  • I like cheese :mouse:

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I myself do. I notice them when it’s quiet and when I space out, other than that, they act up in certain situations and environments, like bedtime or in a crappy, pressurized situation. I just noticed mine as I stared blankly at the computer screen trying to remember how to make a poll.

I don’t not to my knowledge.

I like pie ~ actually.
Cheese is for the road.

I also like cheese…way too much!

Yeah, I hear voices. They’ve been with me for over 20 years. They’ve been stifled recently.

While I’m walking they’ll tell me not to trip, etc.-annoying. Always humming, not always coherant. When I’m stressed and /or unhappy they (actually it’s usually one primary presence) tell me horrible ways to escape the pain…

I hear voices, but I also like cheese :blush:


Possibly an occasional internal hallucination that consists of a phrase/sentence but not running commentary( I say “possibly”- loud thoughts?) . It’s definitely not a regular thing and has happened at bedtime .

I ocassionally do but im on a great med that works for me so it is very rare these days. I love feeling like i don’t have a colony living in my head all the time. I love cheese especially roast beef and swiss cheese together i gobble it up. I don’t even need to make a sandwich i just eat the roast beef and baby swiss by itself. Im weird haha

i hear voices ever since i was little. i dont like cheddar cheese,. i only like mozarella, gouda.

I do not hallucinate voices. Most of my hallucinations are visual.

:mouse: " squeak !?! "
take care :alien:


No, I don’t hear voices. Never have.

Generally no, but it can happen if im under huge stress.

I dont hear voices so much, I mainly hear noises like doorbell sounds, knocking on doors, police sirens. someone whistling, whispers etc… It really happened when I was on Abilify.

Tough choice between yes and I like cheese. But yes, I hear voices. Not so much while on my meds, pretty much only when I’m under a lot of stress, but off meds it’s really bad. But I also hear a lot of other things, like @Wave. Even while on meds I still occasionally hear noises.

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its not voices, voices are bad, its more of a guide, , lots of people hear voices and its completely normal and it doesn’t mean they are mentally ill, i am mentally ill but i do not hear voices, its just me.

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Command hallucinations telling me to do awful things today. Voices screaming that they are scared. Frustrating moments today. I was doing ok, then today happened.

I have thoughts forced into my head. Wtf.

I hear my exboyfriends all the time making commentary on what I’m thinking about or doing. If I respond to them, it’s just like having a conversation with them. It gets confusing and I start wondering if I’m telepathically communicating with them sometimes when I do this. But the conversations I have with them are insightful and eye opening. I learn things about myself and other topics when I talk to them. I know my doctor would tell me that engaging the voices is unhealthy, but I find it entertaining and like I said, enlightening.

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