Poll. Do you have suicidal thoughts?

  • yes
  • no
  • i have tried to commit suicide

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you need to take the spaces between the [poll] and the option

@Minnii vote now dear

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Im really sad to see these results…


I’ve tried more than once.

I tried when I was 19. Hasn’t come to mind ever since. I’m not ready to die, I have things I want to see done, and I want to be the one to do them.

And life doesn’t suck as much.

I’ve carried a razor blade in my wallet for several years now trying to work up enough nerve to slice my carotid artery. I doubt if I ever will. I’ve been visiting near death experience sites on the internet, and I think you have less of a chance to make it to heaven if you kill yourself, though I have seen experiences where someone who commited suicide did make it to heaven. It would definitely inflict a lot of emotional pain if I did commit suicide. I would hate to do that to my family.

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Please don’t. We value you a lot in here.

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yeah… we all kind of face this when the illness sets in… living with sz really isn’t that bad after a while… its just the support network is so thin and filled with misinformation and shoddy pdocs…

there are a lot of sz people who do it… sad sad stuff… they are probably very much like us… the people on here are among my favorites I’ve ever known… sz typically are good souls in a sick world… our minds invert on themselves… just a mess…

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I have had many thoughts that have committed suicide, and thus that is the last that I see of them.
The one that I miss the most is the thought of happiness. The actual “feeling” of happiness vanished long long ago, but these days I can not even think of happiness since I have no memory of what it is other than that it’s supposed to be good.

Even i dnt feel happy now :worried:

I did until I made a vow to God that I would never commit suicide on the passing of my uncle. I have had the thoughts creep in since then, but the power of love surpasses those thoughts.

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Schizophrenia and Suicide

Schizophrenia and Suicide

by Kevin Caruso

Four in ten people who suffer from schizophrenia attempt suicide.

One in ten people who suffer from schizophrenia dies by suicide.

Thus, the diagnosis and treatment of schizophrenia should be considered an urgent matter.

Schizophrenia is a chronic mental disorder that affects over 2 million Americans. People with schizophrenia often have hallucinations and/or delusions. They may hear voices that no one else can hear, believe that other people are controlling their thoughts, believe that others can read their mind, or believe that others are plotting to harm them.

And these problems oftentimes make them fearful and cause them to withdraw from people.

The disorder is caused by genetic factors and is not caused by a response to negative experiences, stress, alcohol or drug use.

Schizophrenia is not a “split personality” or “multiple personality” disorder, as some erroneously believe. But it is a type of psychotic disorder that causes people to have difficulty interpreting reality.

The illness affects both genders, but the onset is normally a few years later in women than in men-- it typically strikes men between 15 and 25 and women between 25 and 35.

Schizophrenia affects people of all ethnicities, in all countries.

Treating schizophrenia consists of prescribing medication; some people will experience a complete elimination of symptoms with the medication, while others will experience a lessening of symptoms.

Therapy should be sought in conjunction with medication, but not as a replacement for the medication.

Again, people who have schizophrenia need to take medication. Period.

The symptoms of schizophrenia are divided into “positive” and “negative” symptoms. Positive symptoms are those that distort normal function. Negative symptoms are those that cause a lessening or loss of normal function.

In short, if anyone starts acting in an unusual way, starts to withdraw, or experiences hallucinations or delusions, he or she should see a medical doctor and a psychiatrist immediately.

The suicide rate is very high for people with schizophrenia ,and thus if there is the slighteset possiblility that you or someone you know has schizophrenia, get help immediately.

Please take immediate action if you need to.

Thank you.

And if you or someone you know is suicidal, please read the information on the home page of this website and take immediate action.

Please click below for additional informaion.

Most People With Schizophrenia Do Not Take Their Medication as Directed; Are at Risk For Suicide

Take care,

Kevin Caruso

Suicide prevention can be difficult because people with schizophrenia can sometimes act impulsively and without warning. So it is essential that health care workers, family members, and friends be aware of the risk factors for suicide and the circumstances when they are most likely to happen.

Risk Factors for Suicide in Schizophrenia Patients

People with schizophrenia are more likely to commit suicide if they are young, male, white, and never married. People are also at increased risk if they had good function before they were diagnosed with schizophrenia, developed depression after diagnosis, and have a history of alcohol or other substance abuse and past suicide attempts.

The classic suicidal patient with schizophrenia may:
•Be a male under age 30
•Have a higher IQ
•Have been a high achiever as an adolescent and young adult
•Be painfully aware of schizophrenia’s effect on his mental state

Some research suggests that alcohol abuse, which is a major risk factor for suicide in the general population, may not always be a clear risk factor for suicide in schizophrenia. Drug abuse, however, has been widely linked to suicide risk in people with schizophrenia. People with schizophrenia are twice as likely to abuse drugs as people in the general population.

Hugs. Youre likely worth more than you know


Eww Bill Macphee.

You don’t like him?

Nope, the straw that broke the camel’s back was when he tried to get the name of schizophrenia changed to “Macphee Syndrome”.

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Oh lol well I put a different video up. I haven’t read much from him.

I have overdosed twice when I was younger - nowadays I am glad it never worked- there islight at the end of the ttunnel
Kate xxx